Keep People Safe

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Some ideas about protecting people from abuse and exploitation. While you are here learn about the "National Do Not Call List". It's a great step in protecting those you serve from financial exploitation.

Keep People Safe

Please write to WaiverInfo@aol.com if you know of any other resources.


Support Coordinators and Providers are mandated reporters.  That means, that if you think someone is abusing a vulnerable adult or a child, you need to call 1-800-96-ABUSE and make a report.  You can also call abuse if you think a person is neglecting himself, and in immediate danger.  For more information, check the link below.



Exploitation, simply put, is taking advantage of someone for your own personal gain by using deception or intimidation.  It becomes a form of abuse when it involves a vulnerable adult who lacks the capacity to consent. 

Unfortunately, there are many people and businesses that prey upon people who are elderly, disabled, and/or uninformed.  The "predator" is often a caregiver, salesperson, or neighbor. 

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National Do Not Call Registry - Get On It!

The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. You can register your home or mobile phone for free.

A True Story About Exploitation

My friend, who is 66 years old, and lives on a fixed income from SSI, called me today and told me she bought a water filtration system today for $4,800.00.  She went on to tell me about all the horrible things that were in her water, such as arsenic and lead. The salesman put prongs in her water, and it made it turn brown. My friend doesn't even drink water.

I went to her house and we did some research with the internet, the water company, and a calculator.  I had a man from the water department come out and check her water, and he said it was "FINE".  The research we read stated that there are small trace amounts of chemicals in the water, however you would have to drink 2 liters of the water for a lifetime to have a 1 in a MILLION chance of having health affects from it.  One of the papers she signed said "We did NOT tell you your water is harmful to your health."  She was shocked that she signed it.  The salesman told her the water would kill her.  The salesman also told her that her payments would be 49 dollars per month at 9.9 percent interest for 5 years.  I did the math, she would be paying 49 dollars per month for 16 years to get the bill paid.  My friend was horrified and terrified.

Luckily, you have three days to change your mind after signing something from a door to door salesperson.  I proudly watched as she told the installers she did not want the water filter system and even demanded that  both of them sign a paper that said she didn't want it.  She had those men scared!  But, as high sales tactics go, it wasn't over yet.  The salesman called and harassed her.  She got nervous and handed the phone to me.  I told them I was her daughter.  He went on for a half and hour yelling at me (I know I should have hung up, but that salesman was good.)  I was a terrible daughter and I would be the cause of her death.  I finally had a moment to say, "Goodbye, take us off your list".  The End??  I hope so.  I will be making a visit to my friends house tomorrow. 

I have nothing against buying a water filtration system. I love great tasting water.  But why does a woman that doesn't drink water need spend 8 percent of her income every month on water?  My friend got a card in the mail "We Will Test Your Water Quality For Free".  She thought it was from the water company and responded. She was manipulated and intimidated. 

 Educate people about high pitched sales techniques.  Tell them to wait a few days before signing anything.  Encourage them to have a friend present to look paperwork over before they sign it.  Ask if you can put them on the Telemarketer "Do Not Call List"

- Anonymous Support Coordinator