About Us

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This Website is brought to you by Clear Choice Web Solutions Inc. a privately owned internet company. We consult with many support coordinators, providers, and families to obtain our information.

Thank you for your help, and ongoing support.

Finding the right resources to provide support coordination is time consuming and sometimes nearly impossible. Clear Choice Web Solutions works hard to break down these barriers

Question: Where do you get your information from this site?

Answer: We get information sent to us on a regular basis from other support coordinators, providers, The Agency For Persons With Disabilities, AHCA, and many other advocacy organizations around the state of Florida.

Question: Are Support Coordinators and Providers Paid To Work On This Website?

There are not any support coordinators or providers who get paid to do research or write articles for this website. Everything done by support coordinators and providers is done so on a volunteer status.

Question: How Can I Help?

Answer: The best way you can help, is by sending us information. Send ideas, updates, and suggestions to WaiverInfo@aol.com. We can not do this without your continued support.

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Question: What Else Does Clear Choice Web Solutions Inc. Do?

Clear Choice Web Solutions, Inc. has many programs, including WaiverProvider.Com and SupportCoordinators.Com. We also create web pages for companies and do internet marketing. Clear Choice Web Solutions is a strong advocate for the rights of people who have disabilities. They have donated countless hours of man power to create many non for profit websites.