Affordable Housing

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There are many programs that make it possible for almost anyone to have or rent a home of their own. Hud Housing, Public Housing, Habitat For Humanity, Ship, and Stipends can help pay for housing. In home supports, supported living, friends, and family can help a person stay in their own home safely. However, having a home or a rental is a lot of responsibility and takes a great deal of sacrifice. Fancy clothes, new cars, and jewelry need to go on hold for a while. There are bills to pay!

Everyone deserves a home of their own.

Please write to WaiverInfo@aol.com if you know of any other resources.

People will often say they want a home of their own, not understanding what that entails. There is a lot of work to do before you move, when you move, and after you move. We believe the resources on this page will help you get prepared.

Florida Housing Authorities Web Page

You will find information on Hud housing, public housing, homelessness, and rental help. This page will direct you to the local programs in your county. Hud housing and public house only require you to pay 30 percent of your adjusted income for rent! Hud housing and public housing are for low income people. Waiting lists to be on the program are usually from 1-2 years or more.

Florida Ship Program

The Florida Ship program provides government funded down payment assistance.

A single person making 30K per year can qualify for this program. You can get between 5K to 15K, depending on the county you live in, for down payment assistance. These are NO INTEREST loans that you do not have to pay back for 30 years.

Question: How Much Will The Monthly Payments Be For My Home?

Answer: Use this simple calculator to find out how much your monthly payments will be. Don't forget to add on the cost of taxes!

Mortgage calculator
Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity builds houses for people and sells then at cost. People who get a Habitat for Humanity home usually pay about $50,000 for a new house.

To Qualify For Habitat For Humanity, You Must Meet The Following Conditions:

  • You must live in sub-standard housing
  • You must be low-income
  • You need to donate 250-500 volunteer hours. (help build houses)
  • $500 dollar down payment
Need A Group Home?
Need A WheelChair?
Low Income Energy Assistance Program

The Florida Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides grants to assist eligible low income households in meeting the costs of heating and cooling. Low income in Florida in 2007 was defined at making 15K per year or less for a one person household.

LIHEAP will pay an electric deposit or an electric bill 1x per person (lifetime). However, if a person is in CRISIS and has a disconnect notice, they will pay up to 2x per year. They can only pay when funds are available, and recommend you call them at 10am on the 1st of any month when funds are renewed for their program.

Free Credit Report

You can get a copy of your credit report for free at AnnualCreditReport.com. You can also call them at 1-877-322-8228.

If you know someone who is trying to rent an apartment or buy a house, they should know what is on their credit report first. If they have been evicted or have unpaid bills, they might be denied for loans and leases. You can do some things to clean up your credit or build credit before trying to get housing. For example, make sure your debt to income ratio is below 30 percent. Also, pay delinquent bills if you can. If you find mistakes on your credit report, dispute the charges.

BEWARE!! There are many sites on the internet that CLAIM TO BE free sites to get an annual credit report, but you are really signing up for something and will be paying money. NEVER give these sites your credit card number. If they ask for your credit card number, you are buying something! The site listed above is the only truly free site that I am aware of. The ONLY site we recommend is AnnualCreditReport.Com.

Ten Things I Wish I New Before I Moved Out of My Parents' House

By Jennifer

1.  You don't have to live on potatoes, bread, and baloney.  It's not healthy, and there are programs that can help you- churches, food banks, friends, family, and food stamps. 

2.  Save some money and do some planning before you move.  It's a bummer to live paycheck to paycheck.

3.  Credit cards are not the answer.   If you can't pay for it today, what makes you think you will have the money to pay for it next month?  Your credit score is important.  Know it, and work to improve it.  Establish credit. 

4.  Picking a kind and responsible roommate makes all the difference.  Having a roommate helps.

5. The water bill is more important than those new boots.

6.  Stuff Breaks.  Stuff needs to be replaced. Air conditioners, water heaters, vacuum cleaners,  TV's, and cars- they all eventually break.  Don't buy those new boots, at least not with your last 20 dollars. 

7.  Jobs don't always last forever. Save some money. Don't quit a job before you have another one lined up. 

8.  You will have to be incredibly responsible if you want to keep your home. 

9.  Parties are great, when they are at somebody else's house. 

10.  Sometimes you need to break down and ask for help.  You need to ask for help if you are unsafe, malnourished, scared, sick, lonely, or abused.