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Support Coordinators soon discover that a large part of their job is paper management. The sheer volume of paper that you must deal with every day can be overwhelming. Sooner or later, every support coordinator realizes that it's time to get organized. Here are some tips.

Messy By Nature!

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5 Quick Ways to Make Your Support Coordinator Job Easier
By: Stacey Rodriguez

Frustrated? Tired of all the regulations, monitoring agencies and just being under appreciated in general? I know because I was there. These days, you are completely over worked, underpaid, and have more responsibilities than ever. Here are some easy ways for you to manage your time and get better organized so that you are not spreading yourself too thin.

  1. Make sure you are aware of what you signed up for. By this I mean have you really read and digested your agreement? What about the Support Coordinator description in the HCBS Handbook? This is a good starting point to go through, make a list and make sure you are adhering to every aspect of your job. Create forms, checklists and any other document you need to be able to measure the areas which you are responsible for.
  2. Have convenient access to information. Make sure that you can locate any document within two minutes. This also includes contact information and calendar.
  3.  Embrace technology, it is your friend. There are many applications, smart phones, etc. that can simplify your job by tracking things for you. For instance, www.logmein.com allows you to access your PC remotely when you are not in the office. You can view your desktop exactly how it looks when you are sitting in front of it. A great app is Dropbox. It allows you to share or access documents in one place, such as your phone, tablet or PC. Evernote will enable you to take notes and easily sync the information to your PC or mobile devices.
  4. Paperwork / case record file management is imperative for success. Have a well synchronized system that will store your paperwork. Filing on at least a monthly basis is crucial.
  5. Block time on your schedule for yourself. Keep your sanity by making sure that you complete professional tasks so that you have time to take care of yourself. You are of no use to your clients if you are worn out and spread too thin. So take a little time each day even if it’s to enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning before you begin your day.
Messy By Nature By SupportCoordinators.com

I should not be writing about organization; I am messy by nature.  I have to FORCE myself to be organized.  (You should see my sock drawer)

People have tried for years to get me to be more organized.  I ignore most of what they say because their systems don't work for me.  People have tried to clean up after me, and then I get mad.  I can't find anything!

Support Coordination forces me to go against my nature, and at least try to be organized.  There is so much paper, I have to put it somewhere. 

Things to Consider, When You Start Your "Get Organized" Adventure:

  •  Look at The Big Picture, and Make a Plan.
  • Look Around and See What You ALREADY Do That Works.
  • Everything Has a Home.

1.)  The Big Picture-   Files, phone numbers, district memos, forms, provider lists, handbooks, office supplies, lists, receipts, and so much more.

2.)  What Works-  Look around and see what's working for you.  I had to ask my husband.  It took him a while, but he said that the planner/calendar I carry around seemed to be working. 

3.)  Everything Has a Home-  If you always put things away in the same place, it's easier to find them.

How I Stay Organized

clean desk

Figure Out What to Do With All That Paperwork.

I have tried many systems for dealing with paperwork.  My former boss told me, only touch a piece of paper once.  That will never happen for me.   I've finally traded in my endless stacks of papers for two neat "Accordion Files"  One file for "To Do," and one file for "To File." 

What About All Those District Memos?

Three Ring Binders are great for storing memos.   Put most recent memos in the front of the book.  Go through your book from time to time, and get rid stuff you no longer need.  Even better, scan them and keep them organized on your computer. 

More Uses For Three Ring Binders

Make Three Ring Binders for the following:  Waiver Handbook, Current Provider Rates, provider directory, and current support plans.   

Computer Programs, Just For Providers.
Need A Billing Agent?
Required Trainings
Accordion File

acordian file

An Accordion File can make paperwork that you haven't had time to process, easier to find.    

Keeping Your Desk Clear

If you want a clean desk, try a rolling cart.  It's a great way to keep all of those papers off your desk.  When the day is done, push the cart into the closet.