Learning Tools

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The internet is a great resource for printable and online teaching tools. When people are having fun, they don't realize they are learning. We've sorted through the spam, and found the best learning tools on the net.

Learning Tools

Please write to WaiverInfo@aol.com if you know of any other resources.

Shelly Adkins, who works at Parc, supplied all of these wonderful learning links. Thanks Shelly!
 CoolMath.com  Interactive Math Games
FactMonster.Com  Facts, Reference, and Games
 Apples4theTeacher.com  K-6 Resources
 SitesForTeachers.com  Links to Learning Sites
MathMovesu.com  Tells Kids Why Math is Important
Phschool.com  High school
MathGoodies.com  Math Worksheets, Puzzles
ChooseYourDiet.Com  Eating Right
 NationalGeographic.Com  News, Videos
 Amby.com/educate/math  Teaches High Level Math
 MoneyInstructor.Com  High Level Math
 TheTeachersCafe.Com  Links to Learning Sites
 EdHelper.Com  Free Printables

We HAD to include this one. Being computer freaks, it's our personal favorite. Only $25.00 per month for all the online computer tutorials you can take. Learn everything from Word to Web Design.

Online Learning Games

Math, reading, grammar, memory games and more.  These would be great games for people to play on their home computers or at an adult day training center.  Age appropriate? I've voting YES because these games are fun, and I could play them all day long.  The Flash Games are the best (see the cartoon icons).

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