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Recreation in Florida.


Please write to WaiverInfo@aol.com if you know of any other resources.

Florida Special Olympics

Florida Special Olympics web page has a list of local contacts, calendars, and other recreational links.

YMCA - Open Doors Scholarship

Did you know that YMCA is a not-for-profit agency?  They are known for their health clubs, but have other community resources as well. 

The YMCA offers scholarship programs for anyone that needs help paying for a membership to their health club. They say they won't turn anyone down due to limited income.  Visit a YMCA near you and ask about the "Open Doors" program.  From my experience, people that are on SSI usually pay about 30 dollars per year to join a YMCA health club.  The membership fees are based on a sliding scale.  Several years ago, I was making 22 thousand dollars per year, and they gave me a 25 percent discount.  They also waived my membership fee.  So, remember, a lot of people will qualify, even if they do earn a good wage. 

If you are interested in applying for the Open Doors Program, you will need the following things:  completed and signed open doors application; copy of last years tax return; copy of last two pay stubs/ social security checks/ or disability checks; copy of medicaid/and or food stamp card; two letters of recommendation; cover letter explaining why you are applying for the Open Doors Scholarship Assistance Program.

Need A Group Home?
Need A WheelChair?
Ride Safe- Wheelchairs in Vans

This is a great website that explains exactly how to safely transport someone in a van if they need to stay in the wheelchair.  It explains safety for people who use wheelchairs- selecting wheelchairs and tie down equipment, securing wheelchairs in vans, and properly restraining the rider.