Employment Assistance

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People who have disabilities often have talents and can be successful at employment. There are programs to help with employment training. Vocational rehabilitation provides job coaching. Score provides help for new business owners.

Many People Who Have Disabilities Go On To Have Successful Careers.

Please write to WaiverInfo@aol.com if you know of any other resources.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) assists people who have disabilities in getting a job. 

Although the medicaid waiver pays for supported employment, people need to use VR first.  Vocational Rehabilitation can offer many resources:  a job coach, free bus pass, money for a uniform, and training.  This is all based on need, and you only get things that are necessary for you to start working. 

Vocational Rehabilitation- What to Expect

After you call your local VR office, you will be given a counselor. Your counselor will talk to you about getting a job and will do an assessment. The assessment will help you choose a job you will like and do well with.

If your VR coach thinks that you are ready to go to work, you will get a job coach. You get to pick your job coach, so ask questions. Your job coach is supposed to help you get a job. Contact your VR counselor if your job coach is not helping you enough. Your job coach will work with you for the first 90 days that you have a job. They will help you be successful at your job.

Need A Group Home?
Need A WheelChair?

SCORE is a source of free small business advice. You can either visit them at one of their local offices or ask a question on line. SCORE is a group of volunteers who have expertise in business. I have send emails to them several times for business advice, and they have always been very helpful.

Senior Community Service Employment Program

This is a program for people who are age 55 or older and can't find jobs. It pays minimum wage to people when they work on a community service assignment.