Speech Assistance

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Here we explore ways that we can help people with trouble communicating. Not having the ability to communicate wants and needs effectively, forces a person to become creative. While some get the training and support to find an effective ways to communicate, others resort to behaviors such as self injury to get noticed.

Speech Assistance

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Communication Dictionary

Imagine not having the ability to tell others what you want and need.  Many children and adults who have developmental disabilities struggle every day to find ways to communicate with others due to limitations in speech. 

I find it fascinating to watch parents communicate with their child who has little or no speech.  They have learned to read gestures and body language and understand their child completely. 

Unfortunately, when people who have limitations with communication go to school or are with other people, they struggle with getting their thoughts across.  After a period of time, a teacher or caregiver can usually understand their style of communication.  However, people who have a limited ability to communicate go though an unnecessary process of teaching every person they encounter how to understand them. 

One fast solution to this problem, is to create a "Communication Dictionary". A communication dictionary explains how to understand the gestures, body language, and sounds a person makes .

Here are some examples from a Mike's* communication dictionary. 

1.  Hungry-  Mike folds his hands in a praying position

2.  Thirsty- Mike puts his finger on his mouth

3.  Sleepy- Mike puts his hands in a praying position and holds them next to his head

4.  I want to stay outside- Mike grabs the wheels of his wheelchair and yells.

5.  I want to go over there- Mike points in the direction he wants to go.

(Real name withheld)

Here are some examples from Jenny's* communication dictionary.

1.  Hungry-  Jenny says "Hun-ee"

2.  Thirsty- Jenny says "Ju"- for juice

3.  Sleepy- Jenny yawns

4.  Grandma- Jenni says "Mi-Mi"

(Real name withheld)