Supplies For Support Coordinators And Providers

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After you have been a support coordinator for a few months, chances are, your desk and your office will be a complete mess.  There are so many things to keep up with- case files, forms, new information from district, to do lists, etc. There are a few things that every support coordinator has to have- a computer, a file cabinet, ink/paper, and a printer.  The items listed below are things you might not have thought about putting on your "to buy" list. 


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Laser, All-In-One Printer

Shown above is the Brother MFC-7420 Laser Flatbed All-In-One.  It prints, copies, faxes, and scans.  This model prints up to 2500 pages from one ink cartridge.  It runs about $250.00 but will save you that in time and ink.

You might want to invest in a good printer/copier/fax machine.  A laser printer will save you money in the long run on ink.  If you buy a cheap printer, you will waste a lot of time.

Accordion Expanding Files
file2  file1
 Smead Deluxe Indexed Files, A-Z Staples Accordion Expanding File


This is a great way to keep track of those piles of paperwork. 

I suggest two of the "Indexed Files".  One for "To Do," and the other for "To File".  It will make it so much easier to grab what you need in a hurry. You might also consider keeping a cover sheet "To Do" list with your "To Do" file. 

Need A Group Home?
Need A WheelChair?

Shown above is the Garmin Navi 360 GPS.

You can buy a GPS these days for as low as $200.00.   I would suggest buying a good model with preloaded maps.  Also, try to find one that gives you turn by turn directions.  I have a Garmin, similar to the one shown above, and I rarely get lost.  I love it because I can put my mind on auto pilot for a while. 

Literature Organizer

For around $50.00 you can get a "Literature Sorter".  Prices vary by brand and size.  It's a great way to store forms- support plan packets, QSI's, Fax Cover sheets, Form 1's- we have a lot of forms.  The one above has 24 compartments.

Tip: Keep your spouse or kids busy in the evening, and have them make copies of the forms your are low on.

Rolling Cart


c1  c2

(Right- Z-Line 2-Tier "File Cart)   (Left- Rubbermaid Fold N "Roll Cart")

This is another good way to store forms or information you need to keep handy.  I have a rolling cart next to my computer desk, and I tuck it away in the closet when company comes over.  It keeps everything neat and organized, and cuts down desk clutter.  Rolling Carts run about $30-$50.