Important- Protect Your Medicaid

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In order to be on the Medicaid Waiver, you MUST have medicaid. There are certain safeguards a person must take in order to remain eligible for medicaid. If a person loses their medicaid, providers don't get paid, and the person can not get the medications and treatment they need.


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Medicaid Eligibility

It is very important that support coordinators check for medicaid eligibility at the beginning of every month. It's also a requirement.  

If a person does not have medicaid, the support coordinator won't get paid, nor will any doctors or providers.  The person will not be able to get prescriptions either.  As you can see, neglecting check medicaid eligibility will make a lot of people upset.

To check for medicaid eligibility, call 1-800-239-7560.  You will need the 10 digit medicaid number or the social security and date of birth for each person you are requesting eligibility for. 

Also,  be sure to fill out a 2515 form for each new consumer, and send it to the medicaid specialist in the area they live in.  The 2515 form alerts the medicaid office that you are working with this person, and they will send you a copy of any important letters they send out.  For example, you might get a letter stating that your consumer needs to send information such as a birth certificate or paycheck stubs.  If they don't send the information in time, they will loose their medicaid, and you will have to help them reapply, a process that is no fun at all. 


If a person has more than $2000.00, they will lose their medicaid.  When this happens, it's often very time consuming and difficult to get it back.

Because medicaid is so important to our consumers, they are sometimes forced to do a "spend down" when they get close to that magic number.

Parents, who have the best intentions and want their children to be well taken care of, often "will" them a lot of money when they pass away.  Suggest that they set up a special needs trust instead. I've also met parents that put their child on a joint account with them.  The money in that joint account could cause problems when they are reviewed by medicaid. 

Talk to consumers and their caregivers about this issue.  Remember, if a person loses medicaid, they are no longer eligible to get waiver services.

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