End Of Life Planning

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End of life planning should be done when a person is still healthy and of sound mind.  There are certain documents you can prepare to make sure that your wishes are fulfilled in the event that you can no longer speak for yourself.  These documents can be updated as needed, or when your wishes change. 

Plan Ahead

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Wills-  A will explains how your property will be passed on.  There are several important documents that you should prepare, and keep in a safe place. 

Advanced Directives-  Advanced Directives explains your wishes for future medical care, in an event that you can no longer speak for yourself.

Health Care Surrogate- A health care surrogate is a person you select to make medical decisions for you, in the event that you can no longer make them for yourself. 

For detailed information about "End of Life Planning" read the Elder Affairs "Guide to End of Life Planning" booklet. 

Five Wishes

The Five Wishes Document helps you express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself.  It's something everyone should get and fill out. 

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Hospice Patients Alliance

The Hospice Patients Alliance  provides information about Hospice Services, financial issues, keeping the patient comfortable, and understanding the grieving process.  Articles are very well written. 

Terri Schievo

Read about Terri Schievo.  Her story reminds us of the need to do "End of Life Planning".