Emergency Planning

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Make sure you always prepare for the worst. People who have disabilities need to plan ahead, and have safeguards in place in case of an emergency. People need to have a plan in place for hurricanes, fires, and other disasters.

Prepare For The Worst

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Katrina- Who Was Left Behind?

Who was left behind when Katrina hit?  A majority were the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disabled, and prisoners. 

The Poor  They Didn't Have Cars
 The Sick  They Were Left Behind In Hospitals
 The Elderly  Lack of Transportation, Left Behind in Nursing Homes
 The Disabled  Lack of Transportation, Left Behind in Homes
 Caregivers, Health Care Workers  They Stayed Behind To Provide Care.
 Prisoners  They Were Left Behind in Prisons.
 People With Pets                               They Didn't Go to Shelters Because They Didn't Want to Leave Their Animals Behind.                  


Prepare For A Hurricane In Florida
1.  Prepare a Hurricane Survival Kit- cash, canned food, water, batteries, flashlight, copies of important documents, etc.            Keep a Full Tank of Gas.  Gas will be hard to get.
2.  Register Special Needs Residents For Evacuation NOW. Update Yearly 
 3.  Know Your Evacuation Level.   Know Your Nearest Shelter. - Find Your Nearest Shelter NOW, and Map a Route.
 4.  Have a Plan, and Share It.

 - Pick 2 places to meet.  (There is a very good chance your cell phone will not work!)

- Don't Wait Too Long, Leave When Advised.

- Consider What You Will Do With Your Pets.


Need A Group Home?
Need A WheelChair?
Disaster Supply Kit
Florida Emergency Management - By County

Your local Emergency Management will have information on how to register for a special needs shelter.

Emergency Card

I was really excited when I found this link. I always suggest to people that they should carry a picture ID and an emergency contact card in their wallet. This card generator puts a lot of valuable information on a wallet sized card- name, address, phone number, emergency contact, medications, concerns, etc.

Free Medical ID Wallet Card Generator

No Person Left Behind- Online Form

No Person Left Behind is a group that works to make sure that everyone evacuated safely in a hurricane.  This is NOT an application for a special needs shelter.  It is an additional safety net to make sure you are ok after a hurricane. 

Online Form

Red Cross

Here you will find an emergency preparedness kit, tips for seniors and disabled, and more ways to stay safe.