Resources for Children

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Resources for children are hard to come by. We have listed on this page some resources that we found to be helpful.
Free Resources

Please write to WaiverInfo@aol.com if you know of any other resources.

Early Steps
(Early Intervention Services, NOT income dependent)

Early Steps is a family-centered early intervention system that serves infants and toddlers who are:

  • Birth to 36 months, regardless of their family's income
  • Have significant delays or an established condition that may result in a delay

Services include: identification; multidisciplinary evaluations; service coordination; individualized family support planning; intervention services; therapies; hearing services; and vision services.

(800) 654-4440

Kid Care (Health Insurance ages 0-18)

KidCare is Florida health insurance for children from birth through age 18. Although the insurance is income dependent, children often qualify even if one or both parents are working. In most cases the insurance will be free, but when subsidized it is usually only $15 or $20. A family of two could earn up to $33K and a family of five could earn up to $60K and still qualify for Kidcare. There is also a full-pay option available for families with higher incomes.

Kidcare includes four different parts including: Medikids (ages 1-4); Healthy Kids(ages 5-18); Children's Medical Services ages 0-18 with special needs); and Medicaid (ages 0-20 low income). When you apply for the insurance, Florida KidCare will check which part your child may qualify for based on age and family income.

(888) 540-5437

Children's Medical Services
( Managed Medical Assistance Health Plan)

Children's Medical Services Network provides a broad range of medical, therapeutic and supportive services for eligible children with special health care needs and their families. Services focus on helping your child grow up healthier and include prevention and early intervention services, primary care, medical and therapeutic specialty care, and long term care. Effective August 1, 2014, Children's Medical Services Network is a specialty health plan under Managed Medical Assistance (MMA). Services are coordinated through one of the 22 CMS Area Offices.

How does a child qualify?

  • Must be Medicaid eligible
  • Must be under 21
  • Must meet CMS clinical screening requirements

Free Respite - Buddy Break

Nathaniel's Hope has a program called Buddy Break for kids 2-16 years old and their siblings. You do NOT have to be on the waiver to join this program. Buddy Break is offered 1x per month, for 3 hours. Locations include: Winter Park, Orlando, Longwood, and Tampa.

Blind Babies Program

The Blind Babies Program provides community-based early intervention education for children from birth through five years of age who are blind or visually impaired, and for their parents, families, and caregivers.

The program promotes early development with a special emphasis on vision skills to minimize developmental delays. This education lays the groundwork for future learning by helping a child progress through normal developmental stages. It teaches children to discover and to make the best use of their skills for future success in school. The program helps ensure that visually impaired and blind children enter school as ready to learn as their sighted classmates. It also links children and their families to other available resources that could assist these families in the future. Early intervention services offered through the Blind Babies Program are delivered by community-based provider organizations.

There are only two criteria for eligibility: 1) The child must have the presence of a bilateral visual impairment which, with best correction for that individual, constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to the child’s ability to learn, or function independently, or to become employed; AND 2) A reasonable expectation that services may benefit the child and family in terms of education, independence, and transition.

(800) 342-1828
Need A Group Home?
Need A WheelChair?

M.A.S.H. [Mainstream Adults Sharing Hope], is a socialization organization that uses the YMCA and is supported by the YMCA . About 40 people participate in MASH and meet twice monthly for fellowship and wellness activities at the "Y". We also participate in Special Olympics.

There is membership info to fill out based on finances. Most members pay $13 a month--this allows them to go to any YMCA [take classes, swim, treadmills...etc] as well as M.A.S.H meetings [twice a month at North Pinellas Branch & once a month @ Greater Palm Harbor Branch].

The YMCA is a non-profit organization supported by donations which means no child, adult, or family is ever turned away due to an inability to pay.

Theresa D. Brandenburg Membership Data & M.A.S.H. Coordinator
North Pinellas Branch YMCA of the Suncoast