Cost Plans

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A Cost Plan is a list of services approved for a client. Requested services are entered into ABC, and then either approved or denied by APD( Formerly by Maximus, or APS Healthcare) The information in ABC is used to "screen provider payments". Services must be approved in order for providers to get paid. The Agency For Persons With Disabilities no longer allows support coordinators full access to ABC. Support Coordinators are still responsible for helping clients chose services, and for writing paper cost plans.

Cost Plans Must Be Approved, Or Providers Will Not Get Paid.

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Cost Plan Start Dates

Cost Plans will all start on July 1st.  (This is an ongoing project.  Check with your district for details)

Support Plans will no longer have the same begin date as the cost plans.

June 30, 20012 is the last day of this fiscal year. 

Do WSC's Still Have To Do Cost Plans?

Support coordinators no longer have full access to ABC. For most screens, they can "view only". Support coordinators no longer send psa packets up directly to PSA units, instead, they are to send them to the local APD office. APD is now responsible for entering cost plan information into ABC and also they approve cost plans.

At this time, the support coordinator is still responsible for writing cost plan budgets with the consumer and assisting the consumer with choosing services.

Should WSC's Request EVERY Service A Person Wants?

WSC's should NO LONGER request services if they are not medically necessary or if they do not meet the rules of the handbook.

WSC's should also show efforts to use "natural resources" or other forms of payment, such as medicaid, before requesting services from the Medicaid Waiver.

Computer Programs, Just For Providers.
Need A Billing Agent?
Required Trainings

All cost plans are now approved by The Agency For Persons With Disabilities. APD and Maximus no longer have contracts with APD.


Full Time ADT

Full Time Adult Day Training

Usually 6 hours per day, 20 days per month= 5760 quarter hours.

Don't forget to add transportation

Usually 2 trips per day, 20 days per month= 480 trips.

Provider Rates

Provider rate are constantly changing. Check APD's Provider Page. With some luck, you might find current rates there.